Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Food Photos- Best of 2008

These are just a few of my favorite photos (or favorite tastes!) from last year - all from our home kitchen. Doing these things helps me "train" or fine-tune cooking techniques, create new dishes, or allows me to simply work with natural products. Bon appétit!

Filet de sole, feneuil, betterave, pomme de terre "Ratte" à la sauce orange.

Sole, sautéed fennel, beets, fingerling potatoes and orange sauce

Les Cèpes en saison (environ Novembre).

Porcini mushrooms, in season (around November).

Rôti de boeuf sur un lit de girolles et des épinards, potiron et jus de boeuf.

Filet of beef on a bed of sautéed chanterelle mushrooms and spinach, with baked pumpkin and a light beef sauce.

Pâte de tomate, farci de chèvre et ciboulette.

Tomato pasta ravioli with goat cheese and chive filling.

Tagliatelles aux épinards à la maison.

Home made spinach linguine.

Recette de Yannick Alleno, Le Meurice (3 étoiles): Timbale de langoustines et èpinards, avec coques à la sauce nantua, cappucino de langoustine et truffe noire.

Yannick Alleno recipe (3-star chef of Hotel Meurice): Norwegian lobster in a macaroni & spinach tower, with cockle in two lobster sauces and
black truffle.

Truffes de chocolate

Chocolate truffles

Croquettes de pomme de terre.

Potato Croquettes (elegant "tator tots" if you will - mashed potatoes rolled in a cylinder shape & fried in olive oil)

Macarons aux vanilles et ganache chocolat.

French almond cookie (vanilla-flavored) with chocolate filling
. Not to be confused with the American version called macaroons (based on dried coconut)!


anami said...

Hi girl cook in Paris ... I wanted to try these yummy things at home but I am still waiting for you to prepare them for me ... as you did for my husband when he visited you and Eric in Paris ... Kisses

Ranjeet said...

Girl cook in paris can you send me recipes of those food items.Its so craving.I saw this item in Menu of "Laduree" restaurant which is in Paris.But since it was overpriced,didn't bothered to try it out.

Eating cheap in paris