Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Romantic légumes

Every once in a while, while you are prepping the daily load of carrots, petit pois, pomme de terre (potatos), tomatos, etc, etc, you come across something that brings a little smile to your face.

I've always heard of the expression "like two peas in a pod"....but I never saw one before! I tried to explain to my french colleagues the romanticism I was attaching to this little pea pod, but they only thought it was a little strange that I was so intrigued by my "petit pois"!

But the one that really stole my heart was this potato.
(Sorry for the pun; I just couldn't resist!). I promise
you that I didn't alter it one bit...as in tourner (or
shaping)...I found it in the potato bin at my local légumerie, just like that. Well, with the peel, of course. Another "little smile moment"... :)

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Catanea said...

I hope you have seen Agnes Varda's "Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse" (if I've spellt that correctly). You will find it revelatory; especially regarding heart-shaped potatoes. I found one myself two days ago!