Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Hangover Remedy - It's Called Bullseye

Today I woke up with a turkey hangover. And not from eating too much turkey which you might think, understandably. I mean from being around too much turkey! Yesterday there were three of us who each worked almost 17 hours to prepare not just one, but two Thanksgiving Day meals! It was totally crazy! I think I still have the smell of roasted Turkey still on me.

Here's what I needed this morning when I woke up: good old-fashioned comfort food (something to re-nourish every tired muscle in my body). And, more importantly than that....something really easy to make. Let me tell you, that's très important if you're the one who has been doing all the work for the Turkey Day meal. It's not really those of you who over-indulged and are now looking to detox, or go lite today....well, this post is not for you today! But, you might like it just the same some other time.

It's called a Bullseye. It's something I learned at a sleepover, many years ago, when I was a teenager living in London. I haven't made it for YEARS...and I have no idea what made me think of it this morning. Maybe it was the two lonely eggs left over from all the pumpkin & pecan pie making....and the pain de mie (white bread) that didn't get used in the yesterday's stuffing production. Whatever the reason, it sure hit the spot.

A bullseye is a piece of bread, butter and an egg. I think kids of all ages might enjoy making this one. The "recipe" is:

1. Make a hole in your slice of bread. (The bullseye has got to so somewhere, y'know!)

2. Butter your bread.

3. Heat your skillet. Add a drop of olive oil. Put your bread in the pan, butter side down. It should sound all nice & sizzly.

4. Crack your egg on top, making sure the yolk lands strategically in the hole! Season with salt & pepper. Cook till golden. Flip over for a couple of seconds, or more, depending on how well you like to cook your eggs. You'll likely break the yolk in the process, but who cares!

5. Eat & enjoy with a tall glass of orange juice....then, go back to bed & sleep it off, like any other hangover.


laura said...

I LOVE THESE!!! I can't remember what we called them but i love making them :)

girlcookinparis said...

That's great! I'm glad someone else loves these as much as me. :)