Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blue Eiffel Tower

Here she is, the Eiffel Tower, all blue and twinkly. For six months, Paris' "iron lady" will sparkle in blue and be adorned with twelve gold stars from the European Union flag, to symbolize France's 6-month role as president of the EU Council. Presiding over the EU Council is a rotating role among the EU member countries (currently numbering 27), and France took the helm on July 1st.

I happened to walk by the Eiffel Tower Friday night on my way home from watching a re-broadcast of the vice-presidential debate (Palin & Biden). We didn't get up at 4am this time to watch it live, like we did for the 1st presidential debate! However, the rebroadcast turned out to be a great evening. It was hosted by Democrats Abroad and held at the CinéAqua which is exactly as its name sounds: a cinema and an aquarium all in one! I highly recommend going there for any movie or occasion. CinéAqua is located just next to Place du Trocodéro, which is where you will find the best view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, in my opinion.

I went to the debate with a fellow American friend and we were thankful to see it. Being an American living abroad at a time like this can feel odd. You are an American. You are trying to keep up with all the news happening at home. And yet you're thousands of miles away. I know very well that my physical presence on home soil would not change the present economic situation one bit, and I will do my part in the November 4th election by voting with an absentee how to explain just feels weird to be watching this from afar. Like you're NOT part of it, and yet you ARE... OK, my thoughts are starting to scatter, even hinting at getting off track. Maybe what I'm really expressing is a fear about what's happening to our country in this moment and time of history. It's probably just as simple as that. Maybe I'd feel the same if I were there. Please let me know how you are feeling.

And please allow me to get back to the point: I simply would like to share with you a beautiful moment that I experienced the other night....the breath-taking and sparkling-blue Eiffel Tower....

Here's a first upload. It is so amature-ish, it's funny. Let's end this post on a laugh, shall we? She still looks good, though, don't you think? Even on her side? As much as I like photography, I think I'll stick to my day job! That should explain why you find the video on its side! And next time I attempt this, I'll try to remember to record on "landscape" view, and not "portrait"!


Anonymous said...

This is great!

Don't be afraid for the US, it will recover and in 10 years from today, another crisis will hit, nothing to do with this one - we would have learned - but yet, every human activity is cyclical, what goes up, has to come down, somehow. And, by the way, Europe is not better, regarding this financial crisis.

girlcookinparis said...

Thanks for your message of hope! I'm afraid you're right about Europe....and the rest of the world for that matter, which seems to be intertwined in this crisis. We'll have to figure this out together!

Anonymous said...

Youpie ça marche the tower clignotte.
Je comprends pr la nostalgie du pays, I would like to sing a sweet song of America but... il va pleuvoir... Brigitte again

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.