Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sushi on the Seine

Thanks to my friend Ayako, I recently started eating maki-sushi in more than once a week. I've always loved sushi & I would eat it from time-to-time....just not as regularly as lately. It has all been for a good cause, though: to practice the new sushi-making skills she had so kindly taught me! As we all know, practice makes perfect. I'm still happily practicing this craft! Those around me are happy, too, with all my practice sessions.

Here are some photos of this latest adventure. I think my favorite pictures are those taken on the Quai (quay) of the Seine River, where the sun was setting slowly, boats were passing by, and we had a nice quiet moment together, eating some freshly-made sushi, sipping a nice glass of champagne...and enjoying a summer evening in Paris.

Mis en place

First sushis made!

Vegetarian maki-sushi (cucumber, carrot); Must be Ayako''s perfect!

Salmon egg maki-sushi with roasted red pepper, zucchini and carrot

More salmon egg maki-sushi

These are also very, very good with smoked salmon and avocado. Next on my list to try is raw salmon or tuna, if I find a good quality supply. And why not crab meat or shrimp...? It seems as though the possibilities are endless. And if that's not enough reason to love these treats, they taste great, they are light & healthy to eat, and they make a perfect summer meal when you don't want to be turning on the oven. (Very important here in Paris when most apartments are not equipped with air conditioning!) Thanks again, Ayako, for sharing this technique with me. Your generosity is abundant!

Sushi, anyone? ;)



Ayie said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my food designs. My siblings & I tried making sushi before, it turned out ok but it was more of california maki style =)

girlcookinparis said...

Hi Ayie, Did you post pictures on any of your blogs? I'd love to take a look! diane

Anonymous said...

Nice link shared :)

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girlcookinparis said...

Zeeshan, thanks for your comment! diane