Monday, September 7, 2009

Michel Bras & Omnivore New York

"Cooking is the fulfillment of oneself, to share."

"To cook is to put your heart into your work quite simply: beautiful products, perfect cooking, delicate seasoning. One or more guests invited, and you are on your way. How I love the food born of emotion that has more to do with love than science." Michel Bras.

A rich sentiment. No surprise. It comes from one of the world's greatest contemporary french chefs.

For the full article, click here.

Michel Bras will be a guest chef at the Omnivore New York food festival starting September 13th. Yes, it's the same Omnivore group as Deauville (OFF4). This time they are co-sponsoring an event in New York. It's the first time that Omnivore is reaching over the Atlantic. Bravo!

Wish I could either Laguiole or New York! And I hope to hear back from anyone lucky enough to have the chance...

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Credit for pictures above:
Michel Bras website.



Guillemette said...

I just came back from Laguiole... Me and my class had a 2 hour interview with the 'master' and then we had dinner at his restaurant... There are simply no words to describe this experience!

girlcookinparis said...

Hi Guillemette! I'm so happy to for you! Sounds like a great experience. But maybe you could try to find just three little words to sum it up??!! Kidding, that's probably next to impossible. Guess we will have to go there & see ourselves...I hope, I hope...

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!