Monday, November 1, 2010

My New Scooter

Just to share some news.  I'm now mobile!  Oui!

I've had my little Peugeot Ludix two full weeks now.  It's been a challenge to say the least.  Here's what I've gotten used to in this short period of time:
  • navigating the traffic of Paris, 
  • safely driving through some of it's crazy round-abouts (but I still don't feel ready for the Arch de Triomphe yet...),  
  • surviving some aggressive traffic (e.g., on strike day when Montparnasse was completely blocked off....let me tell you that the drivers were getting plenty irritated...honking all over the place, and whatnot...), 
  • surviving the gas strike (luckily, I didn't run out...but that feeling of uncertainty is not much fun...), 
  • driving on two wheels - hadn't done that in a very long time!
  • driving with a load after shopping, etc.
  • driving with a GPS
  • driving during rush hour, but I much prefer driving around on a quiet Sunday morning!
  • driving outside of Paris, even...
  • driving in the rain
  • getting my speedometer fixed (yes, this never happens, said the mechanic...except it did...)
  • having perpetual "bad hair";  oh well, something's gotta give!
I'm over the hump.  Have been to several customer events with it & food on hand!  I love the flexibility it brings me.

And I promised Eric to stay out of the blind spot of big trucks & buses....

So, now, my new motto is:  "Have scooter; will deliver!"